Sunday, August 21, 2011

HP Touchpad clearance

Can't help make a post about this since I'm a former Palm fan and current iPod Touch junkie. HP's discontinued their recently released Touchpad so what was once a $500 item is now being clearanced out at various outlets for $100. People's been snapping these up since Saturday and the frenzy's still going on. Positive is that you've got at least an instant net browser/ereader for just $100. Minus is that it's discontinued so don't expect too many other uses for it. For people interested, here's a link to a seller on Amazon that's still offering it at clearance. (May come and go at anytime.) I'll likely make a quick review of it once I get one in my hands.

BTW, there's two flavors of Touchpads being clearanced out; the 16GB at $99.99 and the 32GB at $149.99. The above link is for the 16GB and the one below is for the 32GB variety.

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