Monday, September 12, 2011

RTS Lugnut review


I got the RTS Lugnut from Ross I think. The RTS Voyagers as a whole got passed by the regular chain stores so it's nice they're showing up in Ross/Marshall's types of stores especially since it means they're cheaper to boot. :P


I just realized I don't have his back/shoulders quite transformed right in some of the pics. The back/shoulder assembly is supposed to be in a more forward position.


Lugnut's robot mode is really nice. His back doesn't quite lock into place as solidly as it should but it doesn't detract much from playing around with him. His gimmick is a spring loaded punch (for his POKE attack) which you trigger by pulling a purple tab in either of his arms. He also has a movable mouth piece and fingers which really adds character to the toy.




Probably the best thing about Lugnut's vehicle mode are the wings. Unlike other plane TFs like Highbrow which have short stubby wings, Lugnut has wings with a nice length to them, making his alt mode look like something that can actually fly. :P It's a nice and stable alt mode and the nose is not nearly as prone to opening accidentally as Animated Lugnut.


Speaking of Animated Lugnut, I do have him as well. In fact, I got him only a few months prior to getting RTS Lugnut.



This shows the correct position I was referring to earlier with regards to RTS Lugnut's shoulder & back.


I have to say I like the RTS version more than the Animated version. The colors, articulation, and overall looks in either mode all combine to blow the Animated version out of the water. I love this guy!






RTS Lugnut laughing at Ani Lugnut's fail. :D

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