Monday, February 6, 2012

Nendoroid Inami Mahiru is offical!

Nendoroid Popura in Wagnaria kitchen

So I already had the Nendoroid Popura and Wagnaria sets preordered although I'm not sure if I want add another cafe set (I'm kinda tempted). When word that Inami was coming out as well, I wasn't sure from the initial picture that I wanted her.


But then I saw the below pic and that changed everything. I had to have her just for that.
Nendoroid Inami Mahiru

Inami also comes with the Magic Hand used by Takanashi Souta which makes me wonder if they have any plans to release Takanashi as a Nendoroid. Would be nice especially if they release him with a crossdressed version like with Nendoroid Ayasaki Hermione.

Nendoroid Inami Mahiru

Speaking of Wagnaria, I've finished watching the first season and will watch the second season sometime later. I've been busy with learning my new job last week and that will likely interfere with my hobby activities for the near future although hopefully it'll get better once I get used to the work.

On a different topic, I've been considering whether I want to put up a Twitter or Facebook feed for reporting deals I find either online or the Houston area. A local Walmart has reduced the Lego Cars 2 Mack Truck to $19 and Hero Factory Rocka XL (3.0) to $13 both of which are a very nice deal. I've picked up both of them but unsure if I'll keep the Mack Truck since I already have 2 full-sized brick trucks (Kre-o Optimus and Lego TRU truck). They take quite a bit of space and I've yet to get started on them.

Note: All posted pics are from Mikatan Blog.

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