Sunday, January 6, 2013

Driving with Partio and Pomock

I tried Gandalf's Turkey Melt at Denny's last week. It wasn't bad but Which Wich's Thank You Turkey was better. I think the cheese overwhelmed the Turkey Melt. It also didn't help that the service at Denny's was horribly slow and I had to request my gravy dip to get it. The Turkey Melt is one of the movie tie-in meals for The Hobbit movie and it has turkey, stuffing, cheese, and mustard sauce with a gravy dip and a side order. The Thank You Turkey OTOH is almost the same except different bread and minus the gravy dip but adds cranberry which really makes a difference. Plus you pick your own cheese and add a whole lot of fixings which was absent on the Turkey Melt. And it's cheaper to boot; oh the humanity. I think I'll go have a Thank You after work tomorrow just because.

Anyways, moving on...

Back in mid-December, my father and step-mother asked that I ferry them to Galveston so they can go on a cruise and I decided to take a couple of Shinki along in case the weather was good enough. Unfortunately, it wasn't and it started raining shortly after I dropped my parents off. So I was wondering what to do and decided if I can't take pictures of the Shinki out in Galveston, might as well take pictures of them in the car. And on top of that, I took a video too.

I actually took more than one video but uploading takes a long time so it might take a while to put everything up plus it's all the same thing: Partio and Pomock riding in the front of the car past various locales. Not very exciting but I just felt like doing it because of the weather. :p

Anyways, pic parade!

I house I saw on the way to the seawall. Sorry for the reflection... orz



Rain clouds rolling in. You can see the rain cloud in motion in below video.

Partio and Pomock staring out.








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