Sunday, June 2, 2013

Transformers Crossovers Glow In The Dark Iron Man and War Machine

Taking some old pictures I've been meaning to post online for a while now so forgive the "datedness" of the subject matter. It'll probably be that way for the next several postings. Below we have Transformers Crossovers Glow In The Dark Iron Man and War Machine.

I'm not a particular fan of the Transformers Crossovers line because the articulation suffers from ratchets that are set way too wide so you have figures stuck in poses that don't look that natural. It's alright for kids I guess but for figure collectors who value posability, this kinda bites. Because of that, I have very few of these.

Main draw of this particular couple is that they have glow in the dark paint apps on them.

In complete darkness.

Vehicle modes.

The glow in the dark works better in vehicle mode IMO.

That's all the pics I have for them. I didn't think to take any other pics of them since my main focus at the time was to show off the glow in the dark features of these figures not to mention both of these molds are repaints. They're now both stuck in a box somewhere so even if I wanted to take more pics, it would take some time to find them. orz I think they're fun toys but if they didn't have the extra glow in the dark and weren't bought at less than half price at a discount store, I wouldn't have got them. :p


  1. The warmachine looks nice :D
    don't like plane shape as iron man thought

  2. I'm absolutely delighted with a batman mode!


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