Friday, June 20, 2014

Clearance on Tiger & Bunny figures at TRU

tamashii shopping
For Tiger & Bunny fans who like the show but been putting off buying the figures due to high price of imports, TRU website has some related stuff for clearance. SH Figuarts Sky High for $14.98, Figuarts Lunatic for $13.98, Chibi-Arts Kotetsu for $9.98, and Chibi-Arts Barnaby also for $9.98. Getting all four will put you just a few cents shy of the $49 to qualify for free shipping but TRU has pletty of stuff in the clearance area that should fill the gap such as Kre-o Dr Mayhems Jewel Heist for 98 cents.

Speaking of Tiger & Bunny, I have yet to watch the series myself... orz I should really go watch it.


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