Sunday, August 24, 2014

Kre-o Transformers Ratchet (what, again?)

Turns out I had some more pictures of Ratchet hiding in a different folder so here we go again.

Didn't really do much posing with this guy. Them rubber ball joints on the Kre-o bots don't really lend themselves much fidgeting, IMO.

Here, you can see almost all of his joints except for his head joint.

Like I said in the previous post, what ambulance has...



Ratchet playing cops & robbers? :D

Found this oldie pic. Generations Laser Optimus and one of the deluxe Optimus from RotF. It's interesting to see the similarities and differences between these two.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Kre-o Transformers Mirage (and Ratchet)

I don't remember posting these here. Another bunch of oldie pics. This time, it's Kre-o Transformers Mirage.





It's an interesting idea but ultimately it's not something I'd play around with too much because the joints and build don't really lend itself well to heavy playing when it's built as a robot. Not to mention the robots in this size class frankly sucks donkey balls when it comes to posing as you've only got hinge joints in both the shoulder and elbows. I'd much rather just leave it in vehicle mode and have Kreon Mirage go drive around in it. I didn't put on the stickers for this set. Actually I don't think I've put stickers on any of the Kre-o TF sets I've got.

edit: Adding pics of Ratchet as well. For some reason I only have 2 pics. orz

Robot mode is much better. We now have knee, ankle and ball-jointed shoulder joints. No weapons for the brick bot but he can be a mighty mean boxer. XD

I kinda wonder what kind of ambulance has a hammer, axe, and shovel attached to it. More than meets the eye, I guess. Kreon Ratchet's head crest is too big and blocks out his eyes. -_-;

Friday, August 22, 2014

Construct-Bots Triple Changers Bumblebee

So I tried putting on all parts on Bumblebee and here's what I got.



And here's vehicle mode. The wheels act as hovering engines.



I'm pretty sure other people have tried this already and likely with similar if not same results so I doubt this is anything original. Forgive the mess in the background. -_-;

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Testing, testing

This is just to test the embedding from OneDrive.

This is from a nearby park.

This is from inside the Houston Galleria.

Unfortunately both embeds are quite small and there's no option to adjust their size to be bigger even if their original size was bigger.

edit: It seems clicking on them will redirect to OneDrive's site with access to original size. Also rather than directly embedding the video, the first image above is just a thumbnail that links to the video on OneDrive. It's a far cry from YouTube. :p

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