Friday, March 6, 2015

First world problems?

These were taken from a Toys R Us back in summer of 2014. Last month, the Lego Fireman was still there.

WP_20140516_010w WP_20140521_001w WP_20140521_003w WP_20140521_002w WP_20140521_004w

And now for what I really want to talk about. :P I'm finding that I'm taking more stuff than I can process whether it be buying toys and eroge or deciding what anime to watch. There's simply too much stuff I want to play or watch. So I'm going to have to painfully hold myself back on each of those fronts until I'm at a more comfortable state. It'll be easier said than done since I still intend to get the TFs I really want but the rest of the stuff (outside of what I've already pre-ordered) should hopefully be skippable. I've been busy updating my foreign purchases through MFC and it should be relatively close to a complete look at my current collection.


  1. Well basically the most important think is if you happy with what are you doing :D

    1. I think I'll be happy when I find the thing called "self discipline"! XD


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