Sunday, March 1, 2015

I lose steam too easily. I get an idea, prepare to write about it, get distracted, then lose the idea or the inspiration to write it. I fail at life.

One of the anime I've been catching up on is Idol Master. Just watched episode 20 and I saw a bit of myself in Chihaya when she withdrew from everyone. Unlike Chihaya however, I didn't have a Haruka to turn me around and ultimately I pretty much clawed myself out of that darkness. Probably because of that, I seem to have a somewhat of a "twisted" personality. Of course, I try not to let that show very often, lol.

imas 20 chihaya 02e


  1. I was sort of person like that too, but without dark past like she have... ^^ now I am sort like yukiho type maybe lol

    1. My past wasn't overly dark but it was far from bright and shiny either. :p I don't really see myself as a Yukiho type but I am a natural pessimist. :p


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