Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How I lost 2 hours time

Step 1: I decided I wanted to change how my Twitter page looks.

My old Twitter background. I took it from Parasol's official website. I took measurements from both the image and Twitter to see where the cutoff points were for certain items.

Step 2: Choose new background. I started off with something a bit more smutty. My first attempt was Nogizaka Haruka in lingerie (Yes from that dakimakura cover, that dakimakura cover by far my favorite dakimakura image and I will probably never tire of it until I die. I swear that image is god, wtf am I saying but it's true it is full of ero and cute.). Anyways, I then switched to Azuma Hatsuki in tentacles but I ended with something more all-ages. I think this better choice.

My initial Hazuki choice was the highlighted one.

Step 3: IrfanView & GIMP. Each has their own advantage and limitations but without both, image editing would be much more pain in the ass. IrfanView is great because it is easy to size image parts down to the exact pixel, something I can't easily do in GIMP. But for serious image effects, you need GIMP (or Photoshop). GIMP is a pain to use though. Half the time is looking up how to do this and that in GIMP.


Step 4: Seeing how it looks on Twitter. I post each of the results I ended up with (including sexy Haruka and tentacle Hatsuki) and see how it looks.

I think final result looks okay. But I don't use Twitter that much so this maybe very waste of time. orz

My Twitter btw Doesn't seem like it shows the custom background when viewed by others so seriously what's the point? orz

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