Thursday, April 9, 2015

July loot post (Wait, why so late?) :p

Okay, let's get this over with. Loot photos are fun when you have time to do it but it can be a pain to arrange and post up so I lost track and they got lost in the backburner. This is from back in July 2014.

So we have a box from HLJ.

And here's the contents. Quite a bit of stuff. They had some crazy sale at the time so I went a bit ape-crazy. :P I guess we'll go through the items one by one. Starting with the naughty stuff because that's what gives me energy!, hah! XD

Dengeki Hime May 2014. Includes 2 bath posters. Dengeki Hime was an eroge magazine that included eroge related goods like dakimakura covers and shower tapestries (water resistant tapestry) which is why I started buying a few of them. However, they stopped publication earlier this year. Maybe they ran over-budget due to the constant parade of stuff they gave out every month and it's finally caught up to them. Moving on... ^^;

Dengeki Hime June 2014. Includes microfiber towel. Note that this is more bath towel size than hand towel size. ;)

Dengeki Hime July 2014. Includes dakimakura cover.

Dengeki Hime August 2014. Includes dakimakura cover.

Transformers Animated The Cool. Includes clear version of Activators Optimus Prime.

Working!! Vol 11. Includes Nendoroid Petite Kotori-chan.

Tiger & Bunny artbook. This sucker is huge! Includes Figuarts Wild Tiger Katsura Masakazu Original Color Ver. (that's a mouthful :p)

Robot Spirit Senoumaru. Didn't turn out as nice as I expected or maybe I was expecting too much?

AGP Gertrud Barkhorn.

Figuarts Zero Cure Peace. I've never watched Smile PreCure! but I loved Cure Peace's character design ever since I've laid eyes on pictures of her Chibi-Arts figure. I read up on her character and now her Chibi-Arts is on my Holy Grail list. Speaking of Chibi-Arts...

Chibi-Arts Eas. Never watched Fresh PreCure either but after reading numerous doujinshi featuring her and Peach, I felt I had to have them.

Chibi-Arts Cure Peach. Can't have one without the other, right? :P

Is that it? By gosh darn, I believe it is! Time for bed!

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