Friday, May 22, 2015

Ke-tai Sousakan 7 DX Phone Braver 3 and Boost Phone Medic


"You were expecting 01 but it was me, 3!" Yes, I know 3 wouldn't say something like that... ^^;

A little over 2 and a half years ago, I got 2 DX Phone Bravers from HLJ. Originally, I wasn't planning on getting them (I even had a couple posts in the past stating that) but the price dropped low enough that I was willing to give them a try (that and I think they had free shipping during the sale as well). I wound up getting 3 (pronounced "Third") and 01 (pronounced "Zero-One") as well as their Boost Phone Medic and Analyzer. 7 was long sold out but I already have the Chogokin version of 7 so I was okay with that. Anyways...

We'll start with 3's phone mode.

The tiny indicator screen on the top is only a sticker.

View of the bottom. The bottom layer is composed entirely of the robot limbs.

Cover open! The DX PBs feature electronics in the form of the lighted LCD screen and a fairly big library of sound samples featuring quotes from the show and other stuff. You punch in the keys in various combinations to get the PB to say different phrases. Some phrases are listed in the manual but others are "hidden" so you either have to figure them out or search for them on the web. Battery life is horrendous. Once you've finished playing with the toy, it's best to remove the batteries because it'll run out in just a few days.

Robot mode. Basically, the limbs fold out from the back and twist and turn into position.

Back side. The arms are connected to a panel that slides up and then the shoulders snap onto the upper screen thus locking both the upper screen and the back panel in place.

Limb articulation is pretty decent. You got swivel and pivot joints in the waist and shoulders and double jointed knees and elbows.

And yes, your PB will display various expressions based on what you push on the keypad. I'm not going to go into much details on his electronics. Basically you can make him say stuff or play one of 3 really simple mini-games. If you leave him on idle in phone mode, he'll occasionally bug you by ringing on his own until you flip him open (another reason to take out the batteries). Each PB toy is voiced by its VA in the show.

Let's move on to his Boost Phone, Medic!

Medic is an egg-shaped flip phone.

Since there's no electronics for this, the display are all pre-applied stickers.

Robot mode. It's very basic but I kinda like this design. It looks like it'd be a good partner for Shinki Brightfeather.

Back view.

Arms are the only parts that can move but I'm okay with that considering the design of the robot.

And now for the important part, Medic Chaku-shin!

And we have the Medic-equipped 3! For a robot that's supposed to be about fixing, them parts it turns into sure look rather weaponized... ^^;

???: "Lululuu~♪"
3: "!!!"

Is it the real 01 this time? To be continued next!

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