Thursday, November 3, 2011

Madoka Magica review & comments

Madoka Magica last

I've been watching Madoka Magika since the weekend and finished watching it 2 days ago. After watching the last episode, I spent the rest of the day in emotional BSOD while digesting the series as a whole. The next day was wasted reading through the Madoka section on TV Tropes. (I need to ban myself from reading that site, everytime I go there I find new stuff to waste time reading.) And now that I'm done, it's time to summarize my feelings on the show. The show has become my new top favorite anime I've ever watched (previous title holder was Code Geass). It was a nice emotional roller coaster ride and I definitely expect myself to rewatch at least the last 3 episodes over again in the near future. Those last 3 were definitely the ones most "relevant to my interests" plus I had to hold back tears at least once during each episode. =.=;

Madoka is only recommended to veteran anime watchers especially those who are magical girl genre savvy. Newbies will miss half the point of the show so not recommended for them. I've already knew a few stuff going in such as Mami's fate, the dark nature of the show, and QB isn't as nice as he looks but otherwise I had a fairly clean slate to start with so enjoyed the show with no problems.

I'd like to discuss Tomoe Mami for a little bit. Mami's my 2nd favorite Madoka character (behind Homura) and I'm currently considering getting her figma. Reason I'm discussing her instead of Homura is that it's easier to pinpoint why I like Mami as opposed to Homura. She's sexy, bubbly, and her fight scenes are just so badass. I also want to repost a comment I left on Youtube regarding a scene in episode 3.

Spoiler alert!
Mami's face (which says "Huh?") right before the bite pretty much tells everything. Due to her friendship high, she totally didn't expect the Charlotte to survive Tiro Finale much less launch an attack resulting in her immediate death. That surprise froze Mami when she would have reacted under normal circumstances. It's also why I didn't like her redone face in the DVD/BD version; while it leaves a more emotional impact, it's also out of character for her.
I want to get one more thing off my chest: THE OP IS A LIE.

To end this, some related youtube videos!  alternate version of above [spoiler!]

Spoiler-ish videos!

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  1. Madoka was definitely epic. I found myself annoyed half the anime due to the OP I believe, showing Madoka in her magical girl costume and then us never getting to see her in it for so long. The last 3 episodes were indeed a roller coaster ride of emotion and intensity, and pretty much changed my opinion of the show entirely. Mami was my favorite as well, I would have gotten her Figma but I had a bad feeling I'd have to keep going with the entire set had I done that.


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