Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ke-tai Sousakan 7 DX Phone Braver 01 and Boost Phone Analyzer

This time, we have PB 01 for review! Let's take a look! Since the only difference between the Phone Bravers in physical design is the color, we won't look at all the different sides again this time. If you haven't seen PB 3's review, check here!

Hmm, looks like 01 is sulking away due to 3 getting reviewed first and having less pictures to boot. But I'm sure he'll turn around.

And there we go! 01 is, after all, a lonely guy. Just don't say it to his face. ^^;

01's robot mode. Each Phone Braver has its own unique face pattern.

Let's move onto 01's Boost Phone, Analyzer.

Analyzer is a slider phone with a full alphabetical keyboard. I'm guessing it's a pre-iPhone era smartphone.

Analyzer's robot mode. For a rather advanced phone type and ability, its robot mode is rather...weak. :P

"Look, ma! Treads!" Let's move straight to Chaku-shin mode.

Now that's more like it. This is what got me interested in this sieries to begin with. It all started with this video that I caught on Youtube.

Unfortunately, the toy has no alternate display showing all them evil laughing faces like he had on the clip but he still looks good.

Back view. Looks rather plain from this side. ^^;

And the two PBs together. They're interesting toys. Definitely don't get more than 2 and don't pay too much for them. Not that they're easy to find nowadays... orz

01: "You owe me royalty for using my catchphrase in the previous review. "
3: "Uh, can you put it on my tab?"

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