Monday, February 13, 2017

Puzzle and Dragons

So I said I would talk about PaD. It's a mobile game that's pretty much taken up almost all of my game playing time and then some. It's basically your typical mobile monster/card collection game combined with a match-3 puzzle game element.

pad15 pad16
You basically take your collection of monsters and go and fight other monsters in dungeons. The fights are determined by the puzzle game aspect. Unlike your typical match-3, however, instead of making a single orb swap at a time, you have a specific amount of time to take a single orb and move it however you want a cross the screen, rearranging the orbs as you pass over them. This results in multiple combo hits which adds to your attack value. Each monster has a combination of active and passive skills which will aid in your ability to combine orbs and add to your attack power in different ways.

Sometimes, the defeated enemy will leave behind an egg which hatches into a monster at the end of the fight. The monster becomes part of your collection and you can either fuse monsters to it or fuse it to other monsters to power them up.

pad14 pad13
Like any mobile monster/card collecting game, there's a huge library of monsters to collect. You have your typical orcs, orgres, dragons, unicorns, etc.

pad12 pad11
You have your typical cool looking monsters but you also have plenty of cute ones as well. There's also plenty of waifus if you're into that aspect (I completely forgot to screencap a few of them orz).

pad08 pad10
There's also collab cards as well featuring characters from other anime and games like Bleach, Final Fantasy, Fist of the North Star, and Batman, Above are 2 of my favorite collab cards, Genryusai and Mayuri from Bleach.

pad03 pad02
2 of my top favorites. Ganesha is my very first rare egg machine pull (a way of getting otherwise super rare monster cards) and he's served me fairly well in the beginning stages of the game. He may not have any attack booster skills but he's 2x coin drop meant I was never short of cash for whatever monster fusion I want to pull. Ilm is a relatively recent pull but is arguably the most powerful card in my collection. She heads my go-to team for most dungeons.

I've tried to ditch this game numerous times last year but there's always something that keeps me hooked. Initially, I was going to keep going until perhaps the anniversary of me starting this game but at this point, I think I'll see how far I can go.

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